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  Awakening of Insects(惊蛰)falls on Mar 5 and ends on Mar 19 this year.


  As the third solar term in the lunar year, its name alludes to the fact that animals sleeping in winter are awakened by spring thunder and that the earth begins to come back to life. It is the key time for spring agricultural activities.


  During the period of “Awakening of Insects”, the temperature warms up and in spring there is usually plenty of rainfall. South China has long been a pack of spring fills the air with warmth while north China is still freezingly cold.


  Therefore, China attaches great importance to working people since ancient times, Awakening of Insects cycle, put it as a spring start date. It is the beginning of agriculture. And farmers begin to farm their land and produce crops.

  Here are 4 things about Awakening of Insects.


  1. 春雷阵阵 Spring thunder cracks the sky


  The spring thunder is most noticeable during the Awakening of Insects solar term.


  2. 春耕迎头劈脸 Spring ploughing


  The Awakening of Insects is an extremely important time for farmers and is widely seen as the beginning of the busiest time for agricultural work.

  3. 垂钓好机会 A good time for fishing


  Around the Awakening of Insects, hibernating animals wake up, and so do fish. They swim from deep water to shallow water in search of food, mating and bearing young. It is a good time for fishing.


  4. 惊蛰吃梨 Eating pears


  A pear is sweet, juicy and cold, moistening the lungs to arrest a cough. Therefore, pears are highly reco妹妹ended during the Awakening of Insects.

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